Digital assets for the THW foundation

Digital Assets for the THW Foundation

Siemens Caring Hands e.V. is providing tablets for all 668 THW local associations via the THW Foundation and is also equipping the devices with cloud-based apps based on the Siemens “Mendix” software. The civil defense and disaster control teams will be able to act even faster and more targeted with these digital assets.


The German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) provides indispensable assistance worldwide and has played an essential role in the fight against the pandemic since the beginning of the Covid-crisis. So far, the THW and its many volunteers have already helped with the distribution of protective equipment and the construction of vaccination centers.

In order to support the THW in the best possible way and to make a sustainable contribution not only to the fight against the pandemic, but also to the future of disaster relief as a whole, Siemens Caring Hands is now donating 668 tablets to the THW Foundation, which in turn will allocate the devices to be used in all local THW associations.


Tablets & cloud-based apps to fight the pandemic


In addition to covering the costs of the hardware, Siemens Caring Hands will offer advice on the commissioning of the devices (e.g. data protection) with the help of Siemens experts. Furthermore, Siemens Caring Hands will also equip the tablets with cloud-based apps programmed specifically for this mission by Mendix, the business unit of Siemens Digital Industries. A multi-stage process was set up to develop the apps, enabling THW to independently plan the low-code applications for its needs and develop them with the help of a hackathon held by Siemens at the end of April. The tablets can be used, for example, to digitize order management as well as respiratory protection monitoring so that operations can be planned in a more targeted and safer manner in times of crisis such as the pandemic.


“For decades, THW has been providing indispensable help in combating disasters around the world. I am therefore very pleased to be able to support this highly esteemed organization in its own digital transformation process, especially during this pandemic. With our low-code applications, we are enabling THW, and above all people without greater IT knowledge in general, to use digitalization easily. This will be of great benefit for targeted and rapid assistance in any kind of natural and civil disasters at home and abroad.”
Cedrik Neike, Member of the Managing Board and CEO of Siemens Digital Industries


“With the donations from Siemens AG and its employees, Siemens Caring Hands wants to help battle the consequences of the pandemic. Siemens and its employees have mobilized around 15.5 million euros in total for this purpose. I am very grateful that we can make a substantial contribution to THW, which is playing such an important role in combating the crisis.”
Prof. Dr. Christian Kaeser, Chairman of the Board of Siemens Caring Hands e.V.


Digital Bundle


Digitization of the THW


The provision of the digital assets is intended to further the advance of the digital transformation in disaster management. Furthermore, it enables THW to work more efficiently and in a more targeted manner in times of crisis. Siemens Caring Hands is covering the costs of obtaining and setting up the tablets as well as a large part of the license fees. In this way, the association guarantees the use of the apps for at least three years. Siemens Caring Hands is supporting the foundation with 566,000 euros in total. Further plans of cooperation are already being developed to ensure a sustainable contribution to disaster relief in the future.

The project is an essential part of PROGRESSUS, an initiative by the THW foundation, which is intended to enable the organization to provide help even more efficiently, targeted and quickly with the assistance of digital solutions.


“The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of networks and processes for a successfully functioning emergency response. We would therefore like to thank Siemens Caring Hands very much for the generous donation to the THW Foundation, which is an important building block for the digitalization process in the THW. This comprehensive digital package will make it possible to further advance the digital transformation in disaster control. As part of the project, THW volunteers will be empowered through a participatory innovation process to independently support deployment options digitally, accelerate operational processes, and improve logistics and information flow.”
Stephan Mayer, Chairman of the Board of the THW Foundation


“Digitalization is changing society, civil protection, and thus also THW. New hazard situations require innovative digital-strategic approaches. The promotion of these approaches by the THW Foundation in cooperation with Siemens Caring Hands is another step on THW’s path to the digital future.”
Gerd Friedsam, President of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief


THW and Siemens


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