Bergwacht-Edelweiss award for special accomplishments

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The 2021 flood disaster in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria left a big mark on the Federal Republic. Thanks to the solidarity-based support of thousands of volunteers and aid organizations such as the mountain rescue teams, people were quickly rescued and first aid was provided. In these cases, a professional approach and coordinated commitment are essential in order to be able to act safely in disaster areas.

Support for the mountain rescue

To ensure that fast and targeted help can continue to be provided in the future, Siemens employees have also been active in making donations to Siemens Caring Hands. A large share of the funds was used to make a significant contribution to the further development of the Center for Safety and Training of the Bavarian Mountain Rescue Service in Bad Tölz. With a donation of 500,000 euros, Siemens Caring Hands e.V. is supporting, among other things, a new operations center in the region, which will massively improve the infrastructure and collaboration of the various players in disaster control, so that in the event of a disaster, less reactive and more preventive action can be taken.

Find out more about our floods relief engagement here.


Honored by the prime minister

In the context of this far-reaching support, Siemens Caring Hands e.V. was honored by the Bavarian Mountain Rescue Association with a mountain rescue edelweiss for special services. The rare alpine plant was presented to our colleagues by Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder at a reception in the Allerheiligen Hofkirche of the Munich Residenz.

With the edelweiss, which stands for courage and bravery, we wish the mountain guards all the best for the future and thank them for their important work and the award, as well as all the employees of Siemens AG for their trust and donations.