Earthquake Türkiye / Syria

We support the Turkish and Syrian people affected by the devastating earthquake

On Monday morning, 6th of February, the Southeastern Anatolian region and Syria were struck with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake with several aftershocks. More than 20 million people are already affected and the World Health Organization (WHO) expects that the number will rise to up to 23 million.

To date, more than 50.000 people have already lost their lives and another tens of thousands people are being injured. With the devastated destruction of infrastructure and millions of people being homeless, there is an urgent need for help.

Siemens Caring Hands is now collecting donations to implement important relief measures and support the people on the ground.

Please donate using the keyword “Tuerkiye/Syria”.

A big Thank You to everyone for their support of the relief measures.

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Supported Projects

Together with Arche Nova e.V. we implement humanitarian aid in Syria. Our cooperation focuses on water, hygiene, nutrition and health. Based on many years of support for those affected by the earthquake through well construction, food distribution, medical care and educational opportunities, we improve future prospects and basic needs such as clean water and food.

Affected people in Syria are supported by us and our partner ADRA e.V. with various relief projects. For instance, schools in Aleppo were transformed, medical aid provided and water facilities repaired. Psychosocial support for refugees in Turkey was also provided. Further long-term projects for the reconstruction of infrastructure are planned.

Together with Orienthelfer e.V., we realize educational projects and provide humanitarian aid in Syria. Schools and educational centers are operated, which offer children and young people prospects.

Together with our partner UNICEF, we reached nearly 765,800 people in Syria and helped restore access to clean drinking water, meet basic needs with dignity and improve the economic situation. Special attention has been paid to education and the reconstruction of schools. For example, water tanks were installed in 27 schools, giving nearly 18,600 schoolchildren access to clean drinking water.

Together with our partner organization, we are committed to education in crisis areas. Children in Syrian refugee camps are supported. With tent classes, schools, tutoring and aid distribution, we improve educational opportunities and offer the children prospects.

Together with our partner ACEV, we advocate for women by actively supporting them through early childhood education and development. This involves establishing child education centers, providing support for parents, making training programs available, and advocating for policies that prioritize the well-being of children and families to promote a better future for women and children in Turkey.

Through our relief efforts, together with our partner Darüşşafaka, we enable the education of disadvantaged children in Tuerkiye and support them with vital resources and the reconstruction of schools. This enables the children to have a better future and also to act quickly and effectively in future emergencies.

In cooperation with the Turkish educational foundation TEV Türkiye, which awards scholarships to students, we are providing support for those severely affected by the consequences of the earthquake in order to improve the educational opportunities of disadvantaged children and young people.

With our donation in kind to the “Public Hospital Association” in Türkiye, we were able to improve healthcare in the region with medical equipment.