Earthquake Türkiye / Syria

We support the Turkish and Syrian people affected by the devastating earthquake

On Monday morning, 6th of February, the Southeastern Anatolian region and Syria were struck with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake with several aftershocks. More than 20 million people are already affected and the World Health Organization (WHO) expects that the number will rise to up to 23 million.

To date, more than 50.000 people have already lost their lives and another tens of thousands people are being injured. With the devastated destruction of infrastructure and millions of people being homeless, there is an urgent need for help.

Siemens Caring Hands is now collecting donations to implement important relief measures and support the people on the ground.

Please donate using the keyword “Tuerkiye/Syria”.

A big Thank You to everyone for their support of the relief measures.

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Supported Projects

NGOs providing relief measures in SYRIA and TÜRKIYE

Project in the North-West of Syria that aims to improve hygiene, sanitation, water, accommodation, and food, as well as provide further emergency aid.

Families becoming homeless because of the earthquake in Syria, being provided with shelters, food, hygiene kits, drinking water, and emergency aid. ADRA is also carrying out water and sanitation repairs in Aleppo, Hama and Latakia.

Their focus of the disaster relief efforts include providing accommodation, food, and basic medical care to those in need in the North-West of Syria.

One of the few relief NGOs on site in northern Syria. They have provided support for children and their families for many years. Initial relief measures included the provision of clean drinking water, sanitary facilities, as well as psychosocial support. Another focus is on getting the children back to school as soon as possible

Currently operating 11 camps with residential and school tents in the affected areas. Required materials are procured through local distributors and suppliers.