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We are raising money to implement important aid measures and support both local Ukrainian families and refugees seeking refuge in neighboring countries – for example, by providing them with food, accommodation and means of communication.
We will keep you updated here regarding where we direct these funds.

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Supported Projects

Supported initiatives on site & in neighboring countries

Emergency aid measures in Ukraine as well as in neighboring countries (Provision of food, emergency shelters, hygiene kits, psycho-social care)

Provision of emergency shelters, food and drinking water for refugees through local partners in neighboring countries

Support of the “Luftbrücke” between Moldova and Germany for the evacuation of refugees

Immediate support for those affected as well as for firefighters operating under most difficult conditions in Ukraine with equipment and vehicles

Purchase and shipment of medical and humanitarian goods to Ukraine

Provision of medicine and other medical supplies for the hospital in Wischgorod

Humanitarian aid in Ukraine and neighboring countries

  • Supporting families in Ukraine and enabling them to get safely to their relatives and new homes in Poland and across Europe.
  • Relieving the imminent pressure on refugee camps.
  • Moving vulnerable groups and individuals from the border and refugee camps throughout Europe

Support for people with disabilities and their families fleeing Ukraine & accommodation in barrier-free shelters

Overcoming traumatic experiences with 2-week children’s holiday camp in the German Ore Mountains for 30 children from the western Ukrainian city of Luzk

Supported initiatives in Ukraine

Support for Ukrainian citizens affected by the war:

• providing stable food and water supply
• sanitation and hygiene promotion
• securing of temporary shelters/ accommodations
• providing non-food items
• education
• transportation

Humanitarian support in Ukraine

  • Supplying children and caregivers with necessary medical services via emergency medical services, critical medicines, health supplies and equipment
  • Supporting the resumption of health services in local health facilities, including primary healthcare in communities and through mobile health teams

Purchase of ambulance vehicles to evacuate and transport wounded persons from areas close to the front line in Ukraine

Purchase and transport of 150 windows from switzerland to Ukraine

Libereco is specialized in mounting used windows into damaged houses to ensure better winter resiliance for Ukraine.

Acquisition of pharmaceuticals and medical products that are difficult to procure, intended for children with cancer

Siemens Caring Hands e.V. supports the hospital in Lviv with a donation of an ultrasound device

Donation of a X-Ray machine together with Siemens Healthineers

Financial aid to support the procurement of the most urgently needed goods for the provision of war victims

Financial aid to support the procurement of the most urgently needed goods for the provision of war victims

In kind donation of a ACUSON Juniper ultrasound device together with Siemens Healthineers

Financial aid to support the procurement of the most urgently needed goods for the provision of war victims

In-kind donation of a X-ray machine to the hospital

In-kind donation of an X-ray machine to the local hospital

Helping in Ukraine during the winter (shelter, basic supplies, heating)

Supported initiatives in Germany

Provision of notebooks, tablets and cell phones (incl. SIM cards) for refugees to enable them to communicate with their families

Courses for overcoming trauma through music for Ukrainian refugees

Grant for a guest study program for 50 Ukrainian students to continue their education in Munich

Mobile medical care for refugees in Berlin

Accommodation of Ukrainian refugees in Bavaria

Donation of more than €1 million to the German Red Cross for emergency humanitarian aid

The focus of the emergency relief measures is currently first aid, distribution of relief goods & emergency supplies for refugees as well as monetary assistance. In addition, the Red Cross supports evacuation, with a focus on evacuation of children and people with disabilities.

Language services for Ukrainian children via web-based online solution

Donation of Housing equipment for 11 refugee families

Provision of PoC antigen tests for refugee reception centers in Germany to guarantee a safe procedure in times of Covid-19

Provision of various courses (coding, mentoring, etc.) for Ukrainian refugees

Psycho-social assistance for children and young people through different chat platforms in Ukrainian language:

More than 70 Ukrainian and Russian-speaking, trained psychologists and psychotherapists work for “krisenchat” and offer children and young people up to 25 years of age low-threshold counseling services via WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS. Thanks to digital access, the service is available to people fleeing the war regardless of their locations and is also used by young people who are still in Ukraine. The demand continues to be at a very high level.

Further information

Provision of food and hygiene products for refugees by local food bank organizations

Thanks to the donation of 300,000 euros from the “Relief Fund for Ukraine” from Siemens Caring Hands e.V., many food banks and and food bank guests could be supported in the current ongoing crisis. This donation has so far enabled 53 food banks across Germany to support the implementation of a wide range of projects that have not only helped refugees from Ukraine, but also strengthened and enriched the food banks themselves. 19 projects have already been successfully completed and 34 more will be implemented in the coming months.

Photo: Tafel Deutschland e.V.

Accommodation of animals from Ukrainian zoos in Munich

Accommodation of animals from Ukrainian zoos in Berlin

Consultations for protection of refugees according to the Constitution in the state of Berlin

Support for people with mental health and addiction problems in stationary and partially stationary facilities, as well as people who have to leave their home country – currently primarily Ukrainians

Support courses for refugee children and students with learning difficulties inlanguages, media work, and natural sciences

Holiday Camp for Ukrainian refugees

Together with the Siemens board and Siemens Caring Hands e.V. a summer camp was organized near Chemnitz/Germany. This allowed 30 Ukrainian orphans to visit the Siemens factory in Leipzig on July 31, 2023 to spend part of that summer camp at that Siemens factory.

Supported initiatives in Poland

Construction of a refugee living space in Warsaw

To provide important living space for Ukrainian refugees, Siemens has opened a refugee center on the grounds of its company headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. A variety of accommodations – ranging from rooms for families and for childcare all the way to sanitary facilities – have been set up on about 2,600 square meters of floor space. The renovating and remodeling work has been supported by Siemens Caring Hands e.V.

You can find further information here.

 Humanitarian aid for people crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border

  • Purchase of goods to be provided to refugees
  • Providing long-term and short-term accommodation for refugees
  • Providing support in integration, social and legal issues as well as psychological support
  • Providing Polish courses for adults and children

Humanitarian aid for refugees across the Ukrainian border

  • Evacuation of civilians from Eastern Ukraine
  • Offer of medical response and humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees
  • Support of refugees in Poland through financial support and later through an employment program for refugees

On-site support for refugees arriving in Poland

Supported initiatives in Bulgaria

Provision of food, hygiene kits and other goods of daily use to support newly arrived refugees

Support for refugees in the form of in-kind donations and financial assistance

Reception, settlement and assistance of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria

Supporting Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria with medicine, food, clothing and education

Humanitarian aid for refugees as well as support of social children’s centers for the integration of refugees

Supported initiatives in Austria

Emergency aid and support for affected people with emergency shelters, food, drinking water, hygiene kits, sleeping bags and mats, as well as psycho-social assistance

Emergency aid in the form of relief supplies, emergency shelters and psychological support for people in the Ukraine and in neighboring countries

Supported initiatives in Romania

Provision of food and hygiene kits for refugees as well as language courses

Accommodation for refugees (incl. food, basic equipment, medical care)

Accommodation of refugees in SOS Family Villages and provision of food, hygiene kits, other goods of daily use, as well as social and psychological support

Supported initiatives in Hungary

Humanitarian aid in four main fields of intervention to support the immediate needs of Internally Displaced People (“IDPs”) in Western Ukraine (Llviv and Berehove) and refugees arriving to Hungary

Activities in Ukraine:

  • Ensuring food supply
  • Provision of household / non-food items
  • Provision of water, sanitation and hygiene supplies

Activities in Hungary:

  • Accomodation for refugees in Debrecen, Miskolc and Budapest
  • Provision of food and hygiene supplies


Humanitarian aid for victims in Ukraine as well as support for refugees at the borders and in Hungary with food, hygiene-kits, medical care and psycho-social assistance

On-site support for refugees in Hungary

Supported initiatives in Slovakia

Support for organizations that help refugees from Ukraine in Slovakia:

Milan Dubec Foundation:

  • Short-term and long-term accommodation (with a capacity of more than 200 beds)
  • Provision of food, hygiene supplies, daily necessities

Carpathian Foundation:

  • Humanitarian aid in Ukraine
  • Provision of needed supplies to Kiew

Various activities to support immediate and long-term integration of people coming from Ukraine:

  • Free courses of Slovak language for adults & students
  • Social assistance
  • Seminars, community events and more

Humanitarian assistance to affected families:

  • In the Zakarpatia region (Ukraine): Provision of food, beds, mattresses, bed sheets, hygienic needs
  • In Slovakia: Psychological and social assistance to refugees to ease their integration into the Slovak society

Supported initiatives in Czech Republic

On-site support and medical care for arriving refugees


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Supported initiative(s) in UK

Humanitarian support in Ukrain and neighboring countries

  • Supporting families in Ukraine with essential goods
  • Relief of refugee camps
  • Safe transfer of vulnerable groups and individuals out of refugee camps to safe shelters

Peace for Ukraine

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